Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The policy defines fraud, waste, and abuse and the procedures and responsibilities for preventing, reporting, investigating, and resolving known or suspected instances of such behavior.
Policy FI0130

Cash Shortages and Property Losses

The policy provides reporting requirements for cash shortages and losses of equipment or other university property when employee involvement is not suspected.
Policy FI0131

Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

Objectivity and integrity are essential qualities for employees and others engaged with any organization in carrying out its mission, and particularly for those who are engaged in the service of a comprehensive public university like The University of Tennessee. If the University is to carry out its mission in the areas of instruction, research, and public service with unquestioned credibility, the highest standards of objectivity and integrity must be maintained. The purpose of this policy is to promote those high standards.
Policy GE0002 (formerly FI0125)

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